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The Dhaka Legal a promising Law firm starts with the tradition of providing top quality legal services since 2013. Our dedication to maintaining and growing a wide range of practice areas, all within the firm, enables us to offer the legal assistance needed to address clients needs. The firm focuses on representing clients with cases involving civil & penal law, banking & business law, securities, corporate finance, merger and acquisitions as well as estate and trust litigation and writs, rather the firm has represented clients ranging from private individuals to small businesses and large corporations. The firm includes Advocates & Barristers certified by the Bangladesh Bar Council for advocacy before the higher forum of the judiciary.

The Dhaka Legal also committed to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions in contracts and transactions with an emphasis on thorough investigation and meticulous planning. When possible, client matters are concluded without litigation. If this is not possible, the client comes first and the firm will aggressively defend the rights and interests of their client in negotiations, trials and appeals. With the same tenacity and dedication, estate planning and probate services are extended to business clients, individuals or families.

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These are regular concern of a business conducted in this country or abroad...

The Dhaka Legal


IP has become important issue because the right of the owner of the property is frequently...


We deal with business setup, entity formation and entity support and also provide legal assistance...

The Dhaka legal


We have a great experienced team to provide legal advice and representation before the court of the country


We are experienced and have expertise in resolving banking and financial issues


We have a great experienced team to provide legal services relating to writ and other matters before High...

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The principle maintained...

It is the fundamental principle of criminal jurisprudence that every individual is presumed to be innocent till he or she...

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Smoke Free Court Premises

We need a bit endeavor to make the courts of the country smoke free. The advocates practicing in the Supreme...